Super Mom- Sarayu


vatsalaIt is a daunting experience to uproot yourself and your kids from the warmth of familiarity and comfort to a whole new beginning. It’s not easy. But our supermom of the month Sarayu Hegde has accomplished this with such ease and comfort that she is a true inspiration. Not only has she set up a new home, settled her son into his routine, but she has followed her dream of owning her fashion store- a dream we are truly thankful for, we really needed The Bombay Attic! Read on and see how she does it all.

1. A new city and a new business. How has the comeback been? what were the challenges you faced?

A.Since I schooled here,Bangalore beckoned with an easy familiarity and was a natural choice to settle in.The Comeback has been very welcoming, the city has made me find love & my identity. Well as for the challenges -from dealing with driver’s to dengue…we’ve had it all!

2. How was the adjusting process for your son in a new environment? How have you guided him through the process?

A.Frankly I was the one with all the fears, but surprisingly my son took to the new environment like a fish to water. What might have helped is that we approached the situation by being transparent and keeping Ranai very close, discussing the changes in our situation very freely with him, being sensitive to his every need & always giving him the required confidence in whatever he does.

3. Owning a clothes store is almost every woman’s dream. How did that happen? And is managing a store and being mom and wife as difficult as it seems?

When I moved here I always knew that someday I would own a store . It took a while to realize my dream as my priority was my son & I had to make sure he was well settled. I did’nt want to wake up at 50 and say “I could have ” or “I should have”..so I went ahead and did what I wanted to. It has its challenges & moments where I feel like I’m up against the wall but finally I’m living my dream. My husband has been my biggest support who apart from flying a plane also doubles up as a sales man at The Bombay Attic :)

4. We love that you model all your products! Share with us, the secrets behind that perfect body and amazing confidence!

A.Well, what can I say,it’s not me…it’s the products at The bombay Attic that make me look good & feel confident.

5. You’ve moved back after many years, tell us, is it hard to start new friendships in the 30’s?

A.My friends are only a flight away so I do meet them often but I was happy to re-establish old friendships with friends from my school years here & I was lucky enough that my son made good friends & some of these mom’s have become my friends for life.

6. A pilot husband means single parenting days more often than not, what are your tips for moms in similar situations. How do you cope?

-A Pilot husband has its upsides too, he’s often there with Ranai during week days while I’m at the store. A little planning ahead for the times that he’s not around ensures that things go smoothly.

7. A super mom tip

-It’s a very simple equation, a cranky mom = a cranky child, children learn from our actions. Remember to take care of yourself as much as you take care of you child & family, because a happy mom = a happy family!

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