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Supermom SmithaInterior designer SMITHA ZACHARIAH says it is not about having it all, but about understanding and adapting to the situations around you that matters. Calm, collected and practical, Smitha tells us that design has shaped her life to what it is today, from running flourishing design company to keeping up with her active 6yr old. She firmly believes that being a supermom is only possible with the help of a super dad. We agree.

1. Give us a typical Smitha Zach day

It’s a mad dash from 5:45 am with my son, getting him ready for the school bus at 7 am followed by my gym session.  The rest of the day typically consists of meetings with vendors, clients or reviewing current projects. Evenings consist of activities, time with Vir and then back to work which is some alone time for creative thinking and design.

2. Does your love for design influence your daily life in any way?

For as long as I can remember design and color have played a vital role in my life, it has always been a matter of personal expression. I believe I am what I see, taking in images and storing it as an internal visual diary and later retrieving it for my creative processes. It is my personal scrapbook of my passions from great architecture, landscapes, fashion, flowers and textiles that help me create and live this lifestyle on a daily basis. It is important for me that my clients understand that I not only create beautiful spaces but I also help them imbibe it so that they can transcend the mundane and live a charmed existence in which the small details matter.

3. You are a proactive mum- always whizzing your son off to his various classes. How important is it to keep the children occupied in this day and age?

I believe in giving your children opportunities to keep them disciplined and focused and most importantly balancing sport and homework, which in turn helps them with their time management giving them a certain sense of responsibility.

4. What are your challenges as a working mum?

The home-work balance and understanding that it is important to have and enjoy both and being aware that this is a tough balance but always striving to manage both

5. Indra Nooyi says women can’t have it all. You agree? And if not, how do you manage to have it all?

I think fundamentally in life it is difficult to have it all and again everything is a perception. My take on this article is that we sometimes have to make choices between our work and family and there will be times where one will take priority over the other in certain given situations, so we need to accept and manage this to this best of our ability

6. You’re always calm and collected. What are you stress buster secrets?

An extremely supportive husband who has accepted me for who I am and understands what I love doing and encourages and helps me achieve my goals. Every super mom needs a supportive super dad by her side no matter how difficult situations can be. My alone time whether it be a 10k run or my creative time, reading, traveling and music are definitely my stress busters.


7. A supermom tip

Stay happy, work hard and be a living example to you child in the lifestyle you lead.


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