Super Mom Divya Nichani


Yoga is the answer to a healthy mind and body. And we were more than convinced when we met Divya Nichani, certified yoga teacher and mum to 8 year old Vivaan. Divya helps us understand the benefits of yoga for adults and children. This yogi mum and wife juggles work, home and an active social life without making any compromises and is well on her way to introducing us to her raw vegan food line Puraw vida. Read on, as this happy and healthy mum inspires us to take her lead.

Super Mom Divya Nichani

1.How did yoga come into your life and what made you want to teach it as well?

It’s my mother, an ardent yoga practitioner who inspired me to start yoga as a young girl. I was more than convinced about the benefits of this holistic way to wellness. With the support of my in­laws I got certified from the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Institute which is the heart and soul of Iyengar yoga. Over the years, yoga became my world as I came across wonderful people who changed my life. Initially I started teaching with a small group of women, but now I am so happy to be teaching kids too. I also take a lot of therapy classes for people with specific problems relating to the spine, knee, diabetes and as well as pre and post natal yoga.

2. Tell us about the impact it has had on your life. Does it influence how you play the role of mum and wife?

Just like all moms I too juggle different roles, but being a yogi­mom, I have found ways to soothe anxiety, fear, fatigue and all other emotions that we face. I am always ready for challenges and feel like a role model as both my husband and son appreciate me for being what I am. Hence, being a yogi mom and yogi wife have been equally rewarding.

3.Yoga and kids. Do they need to cart young and why?

I always say kids are born yogis. Starting yoga at a young age not only just strengthens them up, but also teaches them how to relax, concentrate and to appreciate some quiet and still time especially in their busy schedules. Yoga for kids is not about attaining the perfect poses or ‘being the best’ about developing a good sense about their body.

4. So you are calm and relaxed all the time?:)

We all have times in our lives when we have too much stuff going on. There are always too many priorities to juggle and there are days when everything seems to be going wrong.That is the time when i just love to practice some restorative asanas and some gentle yoga. Even half an hour of yoga and sitting in silence can recharge my battery.

5. We are you are working on a new project involving raw foods. What is it all about?

Yes. In my journey of teaching yoga, I realized that not just yoga, but raw foods could help help healing­ emotionally and physically.In 2007, I turned vegan after seeing some really disturbing videos by PETA. Since then, I have been working and researching the benefits of raw, organic and plant based foods. In september 2014 I graduated from the premier Raw Vegan school in California. The living light culinary Institute . I am already working on creating my own raw vegan recipes which include flax seed crackers, raw granolas and yummy desserts which I will be supplying under the brand name PURAW VIDA, meaning pure life, full of life and eventually this is life­ in spanish.

6. A typical day in a yoga instructors life?

I value each day of my life. The day begins at 5am everyday to send my son off to school. I typically teach three times a week and practice for myself on the other days. I make sure that my husband and I get enough quality time together. We walk together and have an active social life as well. The rest of the day is dedicated to household chores and preparing some amazing raw vegan meals. The evenings however are completely dedicated to my son and his activities and classes. The day goes by meeting lovely people and by following my mantra of ­ focus, sweat and laugh.

7. Where does one get great yoga clothes?

There are loads of great stores to stock up on yoga wear. Typically, you just need a simple t­shirt and a pair of comfy yoga pants. Keep it simply and fancy free. There are also some great yoga brands that are available in all the major stores nowadays.

8. A supermom tip 

You must always remember that you know your child better than anyone else and I believe that life is constant but magnificent, so slow down and savor the simple pleasures of everyday life.

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