Super Mom of the Month – Sheetal Tarun


sheetalEver had that fleeting sense of regret of not being able to finish or begin that particular course or program? Sometimes, it is inspiration itself to just read about someone who has done what you thought was impossible. And we’re hoping that reading about Sheetal Tarun, our supermom this month will inspire you to go ahead and do it! An ex air hostess, model, actress to now being a full fledged lawyer, mum and above all a committed citizen who wants to make this world a better place, Sheetal took on the challenging course of Law after her daughter was born. It’s quite simple really, she says. Read on and see how she did it.

1. You decided to do law after your daughter was born! What made you want to study, and how did you manage the whole thing?

I always wanted to do law while I was in College, but I was too busy with basketball and modelling that I didn’t want to sacrifice that for being in a hostel at Kengeri to do just law. But when Taarushee was born I had met an old friend who had completed her law recently and from a college close to my house (Vivekananda Law College). That inspired me as I felt this would be the best time to do law when Taarushee is still young and my parents are around to support me.

It was kind of tough because I was still feeding Taarushee and she was a little baby who need my attention all the time. I started Law when she was 8 months old. But the Law School timings were good, it was from 8am to 1.30pm. I would go from 8-12pm and bunk the last hour.  I had a very supportive Principle, Mr. Kempe Gowda and my parents were there all the time. Every 6 months when I  had my semester exams, I would leave Taarushee with my parents 20 days before exams and pump milk and store it in Medela Packs in the freezer for her. Those 20 days I would study day and night and take a break in the evenings to go see my little darling. Studying  was hard as I was not in college anymore and as you get older that ability diminishes but somehow I managed and got through 3 years! I must also mention that Taarushee was a good child and very adjusting and a supportive husband and mother-in-law who helped me during my exams and otherwise too in many ways. All this put together I managed to complete my law and am practicing with MMB Legal now for the past 2 yrs.

2. What are the challenges to getting back to studying while being a mum?

The challenges are many!  A diminished ability to memorize , missing your child, not having enough free time to study and catching up on missed portions. If that isn’t enough, you still have to cope with the roles of trying to be a daughter, wife, daughter-in-law, mother, a student and just myself all at one time :-)

Its hard, but absolutely possible if you really want it!

3.If one has to go by your social media updates, you are doing a million things in a day along with work! How do you do it all? What keeps your energy going? 

It’s all about time management according to me with good skills of planning your day or week well in advance, which I always do. The energy- well I’m a hyper person in general and always on a sugar high! Besides I exercise thrice a week to keep my mind and body fit.

4.From being an air hostess to a model to an actress and now a lawyer, besides mum, daughter and wife – which has been your most favorite role?

Well, I would rephrase that to being a daughter, a sister,  a student, a basketball player, a model, an air hostess, an actress, a wife, a daughter-in-law, a trainer in the aviation industry and grooming, a mother, a student again and being myself (the individual me) :-) the most favourite role is that of being a mother and a daughter!

5. You have a daughter, what according to you are the best lessons we should teach them to have a fulfilling life?

My lesson to her will be, do whatever you feel like doing, dream big and do  not hold yourself back for anything or anyone and don’t regret what you have chosen to do. Just take everything as an experience that you have learnt from, but most of all, remember to have your head on your shoulders at all times and be a humble and caring human being.

6. What is your advice to mums who are eager to study but are afraid of taking the step?

Nothing to be worried about. Just know that it will be a little tough, but not impossible. Focus on time management and plan how you will do it and get good help for your kids while you are away. If parents support is available then nothing like it. Once you have it planned out, you will sail through and it won’t be long before you have completed your course. Be positive, plan well and do well.

7. Supermom tip

Be happy always…it is the attitude that matters. Be positive and never assume anything to be tough and do it happily…..Time management and planning is very important if you want to do a lot of things in one day :-)

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