Super Mom of the month: Anu Ganapathy


anuFull time mom and devoted fashionista, Anu Ganapathy tells us that there is no excuse for tardiness just because you are a stay at home mom. She cooks, she cleans, she bakes, she drives the kids and, hang on, she does a 100 surya namaskars everyday, she irons her hair everyday, and she knows her Gucci from Pucci. Married to professional golfer Rahul Ganapathy and mom to two budding golfer sons, Anu is a self proclaimed golf mom who spends a large part of her day on the course and she loves it. Domesticity is anything but boring in her world. She gave up her dentist practice to pursue the whirlwind of school, homework, dinner menus, doctors and kiddy birthday parties- she had four parties this year for her 7yr old son. And when it all gets too much, there’s always Vogue.

1. Does being a great mom top your list of priorities?

Being a full time mommy is a personal choice. I did not want my kids to be handled by some unknown maid. My husband used to travel 11 months of the year to play tournaments, so one parent had to be there to give them undivided attention. And so yes, it is the number one priority in my life. Read More »


Super mom of the month: Nisha Bihani Advani


nishaIf you think working, raising two kids and running a house leaves you with no time at all for anything else, you are going to rethink your whole life once you read what our supermom of the month does with her time! Nisha Bihani Advani redefines the working mom role. Besides the obvious, she makes time to stay fit, fulfill family obligations, spend quality time with the kids, take those well deserved holidays and has even take a hobby to the next level through a service that makes life easier for other moms! Yes, all this and manicured nails and perfect hair. Always. It’s possible, she says, if you do it all with passion and we couldn’t agree more.


1. You work, you party, you exercise, you run a business, you have two beautiful children and you have joint family commitments. how do you manage it all?

Passion is the cornerstone for me with my children, family, fitness or work – passion drives my commitment to most of the constituents in my life. My children are my priority and my life. Everything comes at a standstill when they need me!  Work, whether professional or entrepreneurial, is an enjoyment and an avenue to keep my overactive mind engaged.  Being occupied all the time helps me keep a balanced perspective in life and I hope that benefits the people around me too.  Fitness and exercising is one of the most integral parts of my life.  It helps me, personally, to commence each day with a skip in my step.  The odd day that I do not exercise is a very lethargic one for me.  Being in a joint family has its challenges; especially since I’ve grown up in a nuclear family environment, but then life is all about changes and adjustments! Take each change with a smile and it won’t bother you. And partying……… well let’s just say I deserve it! Read More »


SUPER MOM of the month: Anjana Thomas


Flowers, candles, lights twinkling all around, as you float through your perfect party – most likely that it was planned, designed and decorated by Anjana Kurien Thomas, founder of the Whole Nine Yards Events. Say the word, and she will go the whole nine yards for you. Anjana has taken entertaining to a whole new level and her creations truly are the stuff of dreams. From a Winter Wonderland for kids to a fashionistas dream baby shower to an opulent glitzy milestone birthday, rest assured for those few hours, you are in your dream setting. Anyone who has seen her work, knows the dedication, attention to detail and the sheer hard work that she puts in. Read on to find out how she manages to keep the creative juices flowing, while raising two beautiful children and balancing a hectic social and family life. Read More »


Namu Kini


Namu Kini, our supermom of the month tells us how more work can only mean more fun for her. With a strong commitment to better the community and try to make a nicer world for her daughters to live in, she marches on, adding new challenges to her plate – some fun some serious, but all absolutely worth it! Read on to get some of that positive energy!

1. An Art gallery, a talk show, a daily blog and 2 kids…is your plate full?

When you put it all in one sentence, it does seem like my plate is pretty full. But, in fact, this all happened over the course of 9-10 years. First I started the art gallery….and “did my time”, long hours along at the gallery, cold calls, architect visits, scouting for artists around the country…and it grew organically. Then came my first daughter Veda…and my plate seemed full then, I debated 3 years about even having a second, but fortunately, 4 years later my darling Surya arrived. But for me, the fuller my plate seems, I like to add more – otherwise life gets too boring :). The talk show was born out of the idea to make the world a better place for my daughters to live. My blog is my personal expression, I’ve found it liberating to share my thoughts so openly!

2. Do you think you have the work life balance figured out? give us a typical day

The household is in full swing at 6 am. My husband and I alternate getting the kids ready for school so we can each have time to focus on our health and fitness. We share our parenting responsibilities equally! Every morning starts by writing a to-do list, which I hope to tackle during the day. Keeps me focussed. I try to avoid personal calls during office hours. But more than anything, I love this thing I call “work”. That is key in finding your work-life balance. Work is part of my life and life is part of my work! I’m usually home by 5 pm and then its time with the kids. We don’t have a TV connection, (Chota Bheem was turning them into zombies!) so its active play. A bit of art, craft, sport, music, playdates, free play. If I have time, I squeeze in a 4 km run, healthy dinner, writing my blog and lights out by 10-11pm!

Finding the right work-life balance is about choosing which of your responsibilities you will do yourself, and which you will delegate. For example, my driver buys the groceries, and the cook makes the food – but I plan the menu, the nanny bakes the banana bread, but its either my husband or me that drops the kids to the bus stop, checks their homework and tucks them a into bed. And I make the Sunday dosas – thats non-negotiable!

Also, enough with the guilt! I don’t feel guilty for not knitting the kids sweaters and not doing everything with my own hands. I’m doing my best and the kids seem to growing up just fine, so thats that!

3. It always seems like you’re having so much fun with your work, what is the secret?
I could have never thrived or even survived in a regular desk job. I’ve never been someone to fit in a mould. I’ve had no choice but to design my work-life and career! Before I start something new, I ask myself these simple questions….Will my work benefit the community? And will I enjoy my “daily interactions”? Both answers have to be YES for me to move forward with an idea.

4. What are your stress busters?
My family and friends! We try not to take life too seriously, don’t care about the “rules” or being “grown up” or keeping up with the Joneses. Weekend parties, casual BBQs, visiting family and travel are my favourite stress busters.

5. Give us a supermom tip.
Marry a super dad!

Written by Supermom of two and writer Vatsala Bhandari