Gives us the heebi-jeebies, this ILLUMINATED GHOST GARLAND for sure!


It’s the Halloween Week and this year that falls on a Friday. If that doesn’t spook you enough, this DIY craft definitely well.


If costumes haven’t taken much of your time or there isn’t anything else you would like to do, then making these ILLUMINATED GHOST GARLAND is a sure way to scare off any people dropping in for the day. Get down on the floor with the materials and have fun with your kids, scaring the daylights out of people who visit.

Detailed pictorial instructions mentioned below;

Materials Needed

  • Strand of White Lantern Lights
  • 2 meters White Cotton Fabric
  • White String
  • Scissors
  • Black Sharpie
Materials Needed

Materials Needed


Step 1

Step 1- 4


Step 5 - 8

Step 5 – 8


Gives us the shivers, this Ghost Garland for sure!

Source- http://designdininganddiapers.com


A simple GANESHA DIY tutorial for your little ones!

‘Ganesha is the most loved god among the Hindus. His large head invites us to think BIG. His large ears and small mouth remind us to listen more and talk less. His single tusk represents the importance of holding on to the good and eliminating the bad. His large belly—necessary to digest all the world has to offer. Let these teachings become your mantra.’

Make this wonderful little Ganesha idol as show in http://induviduality.com with your little kids and watch them remember this auspicious day in a special way every year

ganesh tutorial