BESAN SANDWICHES- Taste as good as they look!


1.jpg You’ve always served your kid with sandwiches for his lunchbox, either a nice veggie filled one or one that is packed with chicken or fish. While these are quick and easy to make, there is another way to serve breads that we have found is an exciting way to use vegetables as well- Just dunk them into a veggie-filled batter, fry them to a crisp, and these BESAN SANDWICHES are good to be gobbled up. Read and follow the recipe below; Ingredients:

  • Besan or gram flour
  • Bread
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Ginger
  • Green chillies
  • Coriander leaves
  • Turmeric powder
  • Red chili powder
  • Asafetida
  • Salt
  • Oil


  • In a bowl or small pan, take finely chopped onions, tomatoes, ginger, green chilies and coriander leaves. Everything has to be finely chopped. 2
  • Add besan/gram flour, turmeric powder, red chili powder, asafoetida and salt.
  • Pour in the water and whisk it to a medium consistency. There should be no lumps in the batter. Avoid making the batter too thin. 3
  • Heat 1 tbsp. oil for frying in a tava or frying pan.
  • Slice the bread into two. Then dip the bread slice in the batter. With your hands, coat the bread slice evenly with the batter. Also place the chopped onions & tomatoes on the bread slices with your hands. Don’t keep the bread too long in the batter as then the slice breaks.


  • Place the batter coated bread slices on the tava. When the base is cooked and browned, flip and fry the other side. 5
  • Flip and fry a couple of times to get even browning and cooking. Fry the remaining bread slices in the same way. You can add more oil if required while frying the remaining batch.
  • Once done, remove the bread slices from the pan and serve the Besan toasts immediately or pack it for the kid’s lunch with a little tomato ketchup on the side and garnished with coriander.

  Reference: http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com


CHEESE STICKS- Soft, melt-in-the-mouth & definitely yum!

Cheese sticks1

Cheese and Bread are two foods that most children love. It may be the taste, their ability to munch into it or even the softness, but hand them these and they will be on it for hours.

Our recipe today combines these two ingredients to make a wonder dish, CHEESE STICKS. You can make them fresh or even store them for a couple of days. They make for wonderful options for snack boxes or even evening snacks, and since made at home, is packed with health and freshness.


1 cup Maida/ All purpose flour

1 tsp Red chili flakes

Salt to taste

1/2 cup Cheese, grated

Oil for deep frying


1. Begin by grating the cheese and when done, keep it ready.

Cheese sticks2

 2. Make the chili flakes if you don’t have them ready.

3. In a bowl, take the flour, add chili flakes, salt and slowly add water to knead to a stiff dough.

Cheese sticks3

 4. Pinch out small balls from the dough, dust it with flour and roll out into thin discs. Spread the grated cheese over one layer, completely cover with another rolled out layer.

Cheese sticks4

Cheese sticks5 Cheese sticks6

 4. Press the top layer very firmly over the bottom and tightly roll them forward. You will end up with a roll, which you can again roll down to make sure the two layers are completely struck together.

Cheese sticks7

Cheese sticks8

5. Now cut out small cubes from the rope. Dust and press it down to get an oblong shape. You will have the cheese coming out. You can ignore and twist it round. Cheese sticks9

Cheese sticks10

 6. Heat oil in a pan. When it is hot, drop these into it and fry on both sides. Cheese sticks11

 7. The cheese will not seep out, rather it helps the dough layers to separate. Cook on low flame to make sure all the layers are cooked to crispy texture. Once done, drain these on a kitchen towel and serve hot.

These CHEESE STICKS are a wonderful snack option for kids. You can even add some oats/ragi flour to the maida when making the dough.

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Source: http://spicingyourlife.blogspot.com/2013/04/cheesy-swirl-sticks-cheese-sticks-easy.html


SIBLING RIVALRY, how it manifests and ways it can be handled!



‘It was meant to be an eagerly awaited moment, something that had been told to me a hundred times over and one that I was looking forward to. I was ecstatic when I saw her, my little sister, someone I believed I could play with, and take along in my own little journey, someone who would become my own little playmate. Yet, as the days passed, I could feel a gradual anger building up, a resentment that I could not put a finger to. It may have been because of the attention meant for me that was not coming my way or the fact that it was assumed I would do chores that I had never done before. Whatever the case, I was sad and angry and totally unable to cope’. These words by a 40 something dad conveys how real SIBLING RIVALRY really is, and how deep-rooted it can become if not handled properly. Also, it tells us how it can carry on lifelong, filling the person with pain and resentment and difficulty in expressing.

Rivalry among siblings is normal, happens in most families and generally tends to resolve as the children grow. Much of it though depends on when it is identified, how it is handled by parents and other family and what measures are taken to give the children involved that sense of security and understanding.

Some siblings react with words, lashing out at the other. This is done most often by the physically weaker one, while the stronger sibling reacts with physical beating.

As psychotherapist Philip Hodson says, “Siblings fight because one has displaced another. Both become aware that Charles Darwin was right. They have entered an evolutionary struggle for the milk supply (also known as the love supply) and a contest for endorsement. Underneath all this is the fear of being rejected or abandoned by their parents so that the most desperate youngsters remain relentlessly hostile – and a nightmare to live with.”

Sibling Rivalry can be mild or severe and is most often displayed among toddlers and pre-schoolers in the below behaviour;

  • Attention seeking – Shouting, Interrupting, Throwing toys
  • Aggressive behaviour – Hitting, Biting
  • Regressive behaviour – Clinging, wetting their pants even though toilet trained for many months.

Although a child might have been told about the new arrival, it is difficult for them to understand the situation until their sister/brother actually arrives. The younger they are, it gets tough for them to handle the changes at home and cope with it.

Girl Jealous of Mother and Sister

There are some other potential sibling rivalry behaviours that can be be seen on the arrival of a baby which include;

  • Throwing tantrums, showing anger and aggression
  • Ignoring the new arrival
  • Refusing to use the toilet, wanting nappies or to be bottle-fed
  • Disinterest in activities once enjoyed
  • Unbelievably difficult behaviour
  • Excessive demands
  • Very withdrawn and more clingy
  • Waking up in the middle of the night and sometimes even bed wetting
  • Change in sleeping patterns & wanting to sleep with parents

The arrival of a baby is life-altering for parents, but even more so for a child. There are some things though, can be done to prepare your toddler or pre-schooler well in advance. These include;

  • Getting your toddler or pre-schooler to interact with very young babies
  • Read story books about babies or pretend-play with baby dolls
  • Take your toddler and pre-schooler to pre-natal and antenatal visits
  • Allow the child to help you organize the baby’s bed and other material
  • Start the child on a regular school routine much before the new arrival
  • Treat the arrival of the baby as a shared excitement, involving the older kid in almost everything. Don’t get overly excited though, since children are not accustomed to it and may react negatively


Besides the pre-delivery phase, it is important to manage the child even during the delivery. Handling the situation well, ensures the child feels safe and secure even during this period of upheaval.

  • Inform your child before going to hospital, even if required in the middle of the night. Disappearing without warning may cause sleep problems in the future.
  • Cuddle your older child and shower him with attention before introducing the new member
  • Make the older child visit you regularly even if he has to leave you at the end of it
  • Involve the older one in anything to do with the baby. Ask him to guess what the new sibling is feeling (hungry, happy, cold). This helps in bonding and ensures the older child treats his sibling as someone with feelings.
  • Constant reassurance that mommy loves both the kids despite sharing time between them can help displace feelings of insecurity.
  • Regular, although brief periods of bodily contact like hugs and cuddles also lessens the insecurity.
  • Remember to gradually increase the work that you start to expect from the older ones. The arrival of a new baby can be a very confusing for them and they tend to be unprepared for it.
  • Reinforce positive behaviour by praising for a job well done
  • Involve the older child in caring for the new arrival, making them fetch things, practicing supervised play, etc.
  • Keep aside some amount of special uninterrupted time for each child
  • Consistency from both parents in using family rules is very important
  • Set a daily routine for the older child. He will feel safe and know what to expect
  • Always keep up your promises
  • Remind people; family and friends discreetly to acknowledge both children when they visit.
  • End each day with special time for the older kid and always on a positive note, focusing on positive behaviour displayed through the day


Gives us the heebi-jeebies, this ILLUMINATED GHOST GARLAND for sure!

It’s the Halloween Week and this year that falls on a Friday. If that doesn’t spook you enough, this DIY craft definitely well.


If costumes haven’t taken much of your time or there isn’t anything else you would like to do, then making these ILLUMINATED GHOST GARLAND is a sure way to scare off any people dropping in for the day. Get down on the floor with the materials and have fun with your kids, scaring the daylights out of people who visit.

Detailed pictorial instructions mentioned below;

Materials Needed

  • Strand of White Lantern Lights
  • 2 meters White Cotton Fabric
  • White String
  • Scissors
  • Black Sharpie
Materials Needed

Materials Needed


Step 1

Step 1- 4


Step 5 - 8

Step 5 – 8


Gives us the shivers, this Ghost Garland for sure!

Source- http://designdininganddiapers.com


Not potato, not carrot, DATE FINGERS are the new healthier, snazzier snack option that are a must try!

Getting ready for the evening snacks anyone??

If you’ve been making the regular pakoras, samosas, sandwiches, etc and are done with it, then try making this healthy, tastier version of food fingers.



Called DATE FINGERS, this quick and easy dish by www.LearningTime.co, can be made with ingredients found at home, and can be eaten by kids of any ages. We guarantee you, that they will absolutely love it.


  • 3/4 cup Seedless Dates (Khajur)
  • 6 Digestive Biscuits, crushed in a mixer
  • 4 tbsp Dessicated Coconut
  • 1/2 tsp Vanilla Essence


1. Boil the dates with milk. Cook covered on low heat for about 8-10 minutes till almost dry and becomes a soft paste. Keep mashing in between.

2. In a bowl, mix 2 tbsp biscuits, 2 tbsp dessicated coconut and essence

3. Add the cooked dates into the mix and knead to for into a dough

4. Make a 3×5″ block of 3/4″ thickness on a flat surface and neaten the edges.

5. Cut this into 1/2″ broad fingers. Coat these fingers with the remaining 2 tbsp dessicated coconut, covering all the sides completely. Once done, serve immediately

Date Fingers are a healthy, filling snack option for the little ones. Share with us pics of what you make on our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/kidsdirectorybangalore

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