And the MINIONS are back and going to raid YOUR PARTY!!


We haven’t gotten over the minions and many kids and their parents also feel the same too. Everywhere you go, it is so easy to find merchandise and products based on them, and yet they are most often store-bought. What if, in fact, we were able to create something based on these characters ourselves?

That query led us to find this absolutely delightful set of MINION PARTY MUST-HAVES, something that you and your child can create and ensure that the party a grand success.

1. Despicable Me Welcome Minion

Get crafty and paint a Minion onto a large piece of cardboard. This fun decoration is a great way to greet guests at your party.


2. Minion Balloons

Yellow balloons are simple to transform into a Minion character with a sharpie and a printable of their glasses!


3. Minion Treats

Twinkies work perfect decorated as minions at your Despicable Me party! Just use fondant (dyed blue), edible eyes, and an edible black marker to make them.


4. Minion Cake

Here’s the best minion cake we’ve seen!


5. Minion Cake Pops

Check out these adorable little Minion cake pops!


Did you love these?? If yes, write in to us and send us images for the themed parties you’ve had. We would love to feature them :)

Source: http://catchmyparty.com