DECOUPAGED OLAF PENS – endearing aren’t they?



Know where this little guy – or rather 2 little guys are from??

YES, FROZEN it is :)

Besides Princesses Anna & Elsa who stole our hearts, he was the other small one whose funny and endearing ways we carried back with us long after the movie was over. Learn how to make your own little DECOUPAGED OLAF PENS by following this quick, easy tutorial below.

Materials needed:

  • Pen
  • Newspaper strips
  • Wallpaper paste
  • White craft glue
  • White, black and orange acrylic paint
  • Black felt scraps
  • All-in-one water-based sealer, glue and finish


  • Start by inserting the end of the pen in a small Styrofoam ball and wrapping the pens with newspaper to build out the body. Secure the newspaper in position with sticky tape.


  • Tear up some newspaper into little strips and use wallpaper paste, with some craft glue added, to glue a layer of the newspaper onto the pens. Just one layer of paper mache, left overnight to dry, is all you need to create a sturdy shell


  • Paint the entire paper mache surface in white, give it two coats to make it a solid, bright white. When dry draw Olaf’s funny little face with a pencil and then paint over the lines with black paint, and of course orange for the carrot nose.


  • For the twig hair glue some small strips of black felt on to the top of Olaf’s head.
  • Seal the entire surface of the pen with one layer of all-in-one water-based sealer. It goes on milky but dries clear to give the pen a shiny, wipe-down surface.


Reference: http://family.disney.com/crafts/papier-mache-olaf-pens